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Our online shop is now open!

We hope you enjoy our new line of greeting cards created by women, for women. Card Sisters was inspired by the friendship between Lisa Miller and Melissa Shultz who are sharing messages of support and motivation with women everywhere. Our greeting cards feature photographs and sentiments that focus on the importance of staying connected--using our voices to be heard, our will to stay strong, and our lives to make a difference to one another.


What Sets Us Apart?

  • For starters, our images (photographs) are all taken by us, or family members.  Eventually, we’d love to include images taken by other women, particularly those who may be returning to work after a career break, or looking for a new career in much the same way the Card Sisters did.

  • We also write all of our own copy--it’s born from personal experience, and includes lots of heart (and occasional humor!).

  • The women who buy and read our cards are an extension of our sisterhood.

  • Whenever possible, we support women-owned businesses (where 51% of the business is owned by women). 

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